The Unique Setup of the Condos

With quite a good number of developments all condos coming up in the outskirts of Singapore, you as the investor are provided with a wide range to choose from. The Alps Residences can boast of a variety of designs that they have implemented on their condos to help families choose what fits them best. These models come in different condo sizes starting from one to five bedrooms. They include:

The One Bedroom With a Study Area

This unique one bedroom with a study area come in a standard studio size with a modern open kitchen that is an upcoming design in many new condos and an old living room. A huge master bedroom that is connected to a spacious, classy bathroom allows you to enjoy the space you need in the chamber all fitted with calming lights effects. The study room is plugged into the bedroom, and you also get a pleasant private balcony to capture some fresh air.

The living and kitchen area is fitted with durable porcelain tiles that absorb water better than any ceramic. The kitchen comes with most appliances installed – an induction cooker and a hob are already provided for your use except the washer/dryer which has a reserved space that is already built in. Meals can be taken on a large coffee table that will not take up large space as a dining table.

Its living room is connected to the balcony that is big enough to fit some chairs and a table. The living room is spacious sufficiently for a three seater couch and a modest table. The master bedroom gives you a feel well treated due to its vast space. It can easily fit a king/queen size bed or any other size you may choose.

The shower area is separated from the bedroom with a swing door that allows the wet area to keep the humid temperatures under control in the bedroom area. The bathroom and shower area have an excellent ventilation that allows proper circulation of air within to prevent molds and mildew.

A sliding door separates the bedroom from the study area. This study area is set in a way that can be converted into a small bedroom or a library or a walk in closet for those who would not need a study room. Most people tend to turn the study area especially if they live in the condo for a long term. This one bedroom unit is ideal for singles who are yet to be married or those who are newlyweds with no children yet.

The Two Bedroom Unit

The two bedroom condo is spacious enough to allow living, dining and kitchen facilities. They also contain two master bedrooms that are spacious enough and both connected to their bathrooms. The second bathroom though shares the common bathroom but in a personalized way.

The common bathroom is spacious enough and has a mixture of light and dark ambiance to give a luxurious feel. The dry and wet areas in the bathroom are clearly separated by a sliding glass door that keeps both areas well ventilated. From the bedroom, the entrance to the bathroom is separated by a swing door that allows you to enjoy your room privacy.

The bedroom allows enough space for a bed of your choice, a wardrobe, enough walking space and maybe if you would fancy a table and a chair or even bookshelves. In short, it allows you space enough to customize to what you want your bedroom to look like. It is a rare opportunity as many other developments do not permit you to add anything to any of the rooms.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, is huge! It has enough space to take a king/queen size bed and remain with ample space to allow you to walk. Its wardrobes all inbuilt provide ample storage space. The connected bathroom is also the bigger of the two bathrooms but contains the same design. The high walls and large windows in the entire unit bring in the aspect of space and enough natural light and ventilation in the home. This type of unit is perfect for a small family that can allow children to share a bedroom with a decker bed or lower single beds.

Its living room immense allowing enough space for both seats and walking space. Many with such kinds of space, use lesser place and leave space for their children to enjoy free walking area especially if they are still young. The balcony which connects to the living room is huge enough to hold enough family seats and a table for an outdoor meal or a long couch for relaxing time.

The Three Bedroom Unit

All of the three bedroom units are quite impressive. The one thing that stands out in every one of these units is the enclosed kitchen that is large enough to hold all you desire to have in the kitchen. It is located adjacent to the living room instead of the main door. This kind of setup allows ample room at the main entrance area for a proper welcome to the guests. If you don’t want to waste space, you can customize a built-in cabinet for storage.

In this design, the kitchen shares the balcony with the living room allowing enough ventilation and natural light to both of these important places. This unit has a wash area that is located at the back and can either be used as a maid’s room, a pantry or a laundry area.

The living area is large enough to hold your comfortable seats. A six person dining table and seats can snuggly fit the area between the entrance and the main door or better still between the entry and the first bedroom which also has a full space.

The typical bedroom is also big enough for your kind of bed, a work table and a few shelves or anything else you can customize to fit your taste. The other two bedrooms are located after the living room. The master bedroom is the best bedroom in the entire development; it is not just big enough, but it has a balcony that gives a very personal feel especially for a couple that wants to recap after a hard day.

A king/queen size bed can fit snugly and still leave plenty of room to comfortably walk around or used for other things as you would wish. The built in wardrobes provide enough storage, but you can still customize your shelves or a table and a chair or anything you would want to add.

This design by the MCC Land is a rare design that gives you freedom to choose what to do with your empty spaces. It is one great privilege you receive once you invest in the Alps Residences.

The one, two and three bedroom show flats are already finished, and many people have been viewing them, you can’t afford to miss out on the viewing to learn what you can do with your condo once you purchase it.

4 Bedroom and Penthouse

The four and five bedrooms plus the penthouses have exquisite plans that are a rare gem in the property development market. Viewing of the show houses is already taking the course, and you should not be left behind. Sometimes until you see what you are looking into investing you cannot tell how good it is, that’s why it is important to pay us a visit and see for yourself.